Who Am I: My real name is Caro. I'm a 32 year old Medical Writer. I come from a tropical country and for some reason I decided to change the sun for Canada's lovely winter...just kidding. I moved for academic reasons but was lucky to find friends and love...and a cat ^-^.

What do I write about: Well, as you can see, books. I love reading, as you can see in my post On my love of Books. However lately I always post about reading on itself as well as book blogging.

What do I read: I'm not that picky about books. I speak Spanish, English and French, so I read in all of those.There is only self-help books that I won't read. They are just not for me. But I do not choose books by their genre, even though I know what I generally enjoy. Sometimes I will be in a bookstore and I will see a book and I will just have the urge to read it, or I hear an interesting (either positive or negative) critic on a new book and I immediately go and look for it at the library.

What else do I like besides books: I love science...you have to love it to actually work on science, believe me.

I enjoy cooking, playing with my cat...or just like my mom, sitting next to a window and letting the sun warm me up...always wearing sunscreen. I'm also more and more into vintage clothing, but that's a different story.

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